Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bookclub - "Monique and the Mango Rains"

Bookclub came around so quickly this month, that I was still furiously reading the book all afternoon before heading off to our get together.

The blurb said...

Monique Dembele saves lives and dispenses hope in a place where childbirth is a life-and-death matter. Her unquenchable passion to improve the lot of the women and children in her West African village is matched by her buoyant humour in the face of an unhappy marriage and backbreaking work.
This is the deeply affecting story of the rare friendship between a young aid volunteer and an inspirational midwife who defies tradition and becomes - too early in her life - a legend.

It's a non fiction written by Kris Holloway.  Non-fictions usually aren't my cup of tea but this book was not so much about the author but the people in the village where she'd been sent as a volunteer with the Peace Corps.

For 2 years Kris worked alongside the village midwife, Monique.  Kris lived in a "house" the villagers built for her but became part of Monique's family.

It was a great book to read and one that I would recommend.  I loved reading about their friendship and all they shared together.  Many parts reasonated with me but the one part that hit me the most (besides female circumsion) was talking about pets in our society and pets in theirs.

Kris points out that we have whole aisles in our supermarkets dedicated to our pets needs and in this small village pets are inconsequential. 

Our blue heeler, Julius, had emergency surgery on Monday.  The silly boy swallowed part of his rubber ball, after much difficulty the vet managed to retrieve a piece 6cm x 2.5cm x 1 cm big.  There was no way it was coming up or out the other end.  I think we all know what would of happened to Julius in the village, they don't have a doctor let alone a vet but then I doubt dogs have rubber balls to play with either. 

Kris' time in this small village in Mali not only changed her life but the lives of many others, she continues to make a difference in this village even though she lives miles away.  A percentage of the book's sales go towards a clinic named for Monique. 

I think you should put it on your list to read. Living in our society where everything we need can be bought, there were many "oh, didn't think about that" thoughts going through my head.  I mean just for a trivial thought, how many babies from these countries do you see wearing nappies? We all know no-one's baby comes toilet trained so what happens?  Happy reading when you get your copy.

For more information and photos go to this website.


duchess_declutter said...

Sounds good, but probably one that I wouldn't normally chose to read. That is why bookclub is good I guess. Our last book was a bit of a flop (I thought) called Stealing Picasso. cheers Wendy

Judith said...

I've read so many books that I would never usually read, thanks to bookclub. Some good and some bad. I hate it when I've chosen the book that wasn't so good. Hope you have a great week.

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