Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turning 17...

The eldest son turned 17 last week.  His first birthday where being with friends was more important.  He'd slept over at another party the night before. So we didn't get to wake him by singing or pretend that we'd not got him anything, no party preparations to do, just nothing.  He got home around 9.30am, had some food, went out to another friends, collected sleeping bag etc left behind at party, came home, ate, slept, ate (we went to KFC) and went out to a movie night.  And that was that...done for another year.  Thank God for puppies...they need me.

Here they both are helping me cook.  The eldest is just a bit younger than the character Hugo, in the book "The Slap" which by the way I've finished.  Did you or do you slap, smack or hit to discipline?  I worked out  that physical discipline wasn't going to be very successful for me...yes a quick smack got their attention and when they wouldn't go to their room for timeout I could carry them there but...they were going to be bigger than me.  We did the counting method.. 1, 2,...it's nearly 3 and yes sometimes I counted in quarters too - two and quarter, two and a half, two and three-quarters...lucky me I rarely got to 3.  We used our "parent voice" and gave them "the look" and the "time out" which of course relied on counting, voice and look to get them to their bedroom when they were up to mischief.  When they were older threatening to confiscate goodies, not take them to sport or "ground them" worked a treat too.  Fortunately we've not yet had to ground either of them - touch wood.

What about you as a child?  My Dad had the boniest hands and yes they hurt.  I remember coming home late from a play and trying to sneak in.  Dad was behind the door and I got one fair and square on the bum.  Not sure what was worse, the smack or the fact that I didn't think he'd be there. I do remember a smacked bottom from Mum when I wouldn't go to the babysitters and she was trying to go to work.  I think I would of been under 4 because the babysitter changed when I started kindy.  I also remember a slap across the cheek, around 10 years old, I must of really been pushing some buttons that day, and just laughing at her with a "that didn't hurt".  Meanwhile thinking  "Mum hit me", I was totally floored. But the best one was being chased down the street with my friend and her brother as their Mum pursued us with the wooden spoon.  Can't remember what we did but when they said "run", I ran.  Imagine doing that today.

Hope you're reading a good book. TTFN.

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