Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"grown up and gorgeous in your 40's" - Body

"At 40 you have a mission:  to make sure that you slim down to racing weight so you can emerge from menopause looking svelte and superb"...  Tough opening comments for this chapter.  And yes, each year just a little bit of extra weight slips around the middle and stays.  I can tell when I've been really naughty as to how close to the ground I can get when we do the "up and down" song at work or how close I can get my knees to my chest when we do "Humpty Dumpty".  

We all know what to do, but it's a case of finding the desire to do it.  They have a little box called the "Balancing Act" - one glass of wine = 15 minute jog; a dark chocolate truffle = 30 minutes walking the dog or how about a magnum ice cream = 15 hours pushing a child in a stroller.  Obviously the magnum is for me and sadly I won't be able to exercise that one off because I don't have a stroller or a child that would fit in one. 

Alcohol is of course a lovely way to wind down but a great way to put on weight.  They suggest some nights to have a sparkling water instead.  I did actually restock the sparkling water today while doing the grocery shopping.  I have tried this suggestion and yes it works for a while but then it's not quite the same is it? 

Every school holidays I try to kid myself into thinking that "These holidays I'll make sure I exercise and keep up my stretching".  I even bought a Wii with Wii fit to help.  Now I only tend to use it to see what my weight is.  I do love the way it can tell me exactly how many days since I last got it out and I still get a laugh when it pretends not to know me because I haven't used it for so long.

Oh well maybe off to bed to get  a good night's sleep as the book says 'lack of sleep increases the levels of hunger hormone and decreases the levels of hormone that makes you feel full'.  Maybe that's where I've been going wrong.

Sweet dreams.

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