Monday, October 18, 2010

"grown up and gorgeous in your 40's" - Wardrobe

Breezed through this section cause "I know that"...just a shame I didn't remember it when purchasing some of those disasters hanging in the wardrobe.  Is it any wonder Richard doesn't understand my "I've got nothing to wear" when there seems to be plenty hanging up in the wardrobe. 

While dark hair is a no no as it will age us, dark jeans or trousers are a yes yes as it will make us look slimmer.  There is also 7 tips for buying shoes.  I so miss the "no kids days" when it comes to shoes.  I had shoes for every occasion and then some...not quite in the Imelda Marcos league but more shoes than I had room for.  I'll never forget Richard's face when I moved in and he opened the wardrobe and saw all those shoes....good thing it took him a while to notice the handbags.

Other advice includes "Five 40's fashion faux-pas" and "Four bags you must have"... 

I've found that Mum is willing to share her opinion on "what's the go" the time I wore a singlet top and she told me that I was too old for that sort of top now and how could I forget her telling me that I was getting a "bit broad across the beam". Only a mother could get away with it.

If you want some more advice try "Top 10 Closet Must-Haves" by Oprah's stylist:

I scored a big 4 out of 10.

Next chapter for me to read is 'Body".  Do I bother??

Just for my friend R, here's my "profound" thought for the day:

"Blog like there's no tomorrow".

Happy reading.

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