Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring rain

Thank goodness for spring rain.  While hunting around the garden on Thursday for demolished puppy toys, I spied a punnet of zucchini seedlings.  They were looking quite sick, probably something to do with being confined in the seedling tray and not being watered.  So I quickly got them into the ground and watered.  Didn't look much better the next morning but today after some consistent rain they've lifted their little heads.  Fingers crossed that I didn't leave it too late and that I'll get a good crop.

This is my latest book purchase, "Don Burke's Guide to Growing Organic Food".  I've got high hopes that with a little bit of help from Don I will actually have a little bit more success than usual.  I always get something from my vege garden but I'd really like more.  This season I've planted tomatoes, peas, corn, capsicum, and of course zucchini.  Now I just have to patiently tend to them, talk to them and remember to water them.  

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