Saturday, August 14, 2010


Commitment to the task at hand has been waning - in case you didn't realise :)  Obviously the "Cut the clutter" process isn't working.  I'm sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by linen (not in cupboard), newspaper, my handbag, bunch of carrots, books, school books (not mine), sponge - rescued from one of the puppies, vase of daffodils, Sard Wonderstick, and a pile of other bits and pieces. 

By the way I've finished the book.  The end section was probably the best for me.

"Stop the clutter in the library" - bookcase for me...has some great key questions:

"When was the last time I read this book?"
"Will I read it again?"
"Is current?"
"Do I use it?" -  cookbooks should have food stains on them
"Is this a book I've borrowed and need to return" etc etc.

Mmmm there goes half the bookcase.  Can I do it?  What, are you crazy, give away my books - no, no and definitely not.

On a good note, I was wandering in a shop on Thursday and found the smelly sachets that I love at Spotlight.  Obviously not a good seller in the shop I was in as they were marked down to $2 instead of $11.95.  Got myself some, so while I might not have decluttered my linen cupboard it will smell nice. 

Next book please...


Enchanted Moments said...

Got to love the sachets, what a bargain..I hope you bought loads............
As for the clutter book, put it up in the book shelf with all your other books.....better still, lend it to me........!!!
I love books too, and would be hard pressed to get rid of any of mine...even my childhood Pollyana..........
Hey, guess what I have baking at the moment..???
Yes, have whipped up my two loaves of honey and oat bread.....did you get to make yours???

JCS said...

Would you believe I took a loaf out of the oven about an hour ago. It is so so yummy. We're going to have some with tea tonight. I made half the quantity just in case no-one liked it. Should of made all of it tho.

The book is a Kindergym book so you can borrow it if you want. I think I just have to admit I'm not fussy enough to keep everything tidy. :)

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