Monday, August 9, 2010

The Study....

Finally I did a bit of decluttering in the study, not that you'd be able to see where I'd been.  I've organised some work bits and pieces a bit differently.  Hopefully I'll put things back where they belong now and not into a big pile to do later.

Decluttering my husband's side of the wardrobe was a lot easier.  I like it, I don't, I like it, I don't... it worked really well.  I couldn't believe how many casual shirts he has - well had.  Now to do his drawers.  The boys and I would really love to recycle one of his windcheaters, we call it his grandpa top, but he loves it.  Maybe we could leave it out for the puppies!

Now up to the linen cupboard.  Some handy little hints in this one.  Diagram of how to fold fitted sheets.  My neighbour showed me how to do that years ago.  I still prefer my couple of  folds then roll it up process.  Might not look very neat but it's a lot quicker.  There's also a different way to fold towels so I'll give that one a try next time.  Spotlight has some great linen cupboard scented bags.  I always think of them when I put linen away but forget when I pop over to Spotlight.  Just call me Alice....  ("Still Alice" - a great book)

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