Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do you have a family launch pad?

I was pleased to read I have a "family launch pad".  Doesn't quite cover everything that it should according to the book, but hey gotta start small.  Cynthia Tower Ewer says everyone in the house should have their own box so they know where they deposit their "things" when they come home - keys, school notices etc etc. Ours doesn't need to be that big cause we deposit most big things on the kitchen table but what we do lose is the little things. So on Nanna's table as we call it are 4 teacups - blue and white of course - into which go the ipods, phones, earplugs, loose coin, spare bus tickets and whatever else can fit in and then wallets sit on top.  We've been using this system for over a year now and I think the boys are finally getting the swing of it.

"Declutter the bathroom" was interesting - photos of  baskets of toiletries all neatly in cupboards.  Must admit don't have a lot of toiletries taking up space but can cull what its in there.  "Don't use it, lose it' is the motto for this section.  So today out goes the various hair removal fads - the lady shaver that couldn't shave the hair off a kiwi fruit, let alone make it's way through my hairy legs,waxes, gels, foams etc etc.  Might keep the friction pads tho cause I think I've just got the hang of them.

Before I go, did you know that you should throw away your mascara after 3 months...since I rarely wear mascara that means I'd need to buy a new one every time I wore it. 

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