Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Odd one out" by Monica McInerney

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Just finished "Odd one out" by Monica McInerney.  What you'd call an easy pleasant read - finished in 4 or 5 days.  Finished the bookclub  book but can't talk about it until Thursday.  Can you believe that it's bookclub again this Thursday.  Wonder what's for dessert....not that I obsess about sweet treats...yes that is cake you can smell cooking.

Been for a browse on the bookcase and have only found 2 out of my 5 books on feng shui - I couldn't possibly have decluttered them, could I?  Of course the one that I want is missing - lots of references to the southern hemisphere - quite important considering that's where I live.  Oh well I'll just focus on the bits of advice that don't involve directions.  Stay tuned.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Commitment to the task at hand has been waning - in case you didn't realise :)  Obviously the "Cut the clutter" process isn't working.  I'm sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by linen (not in cupboard), newspaper, my handbag, bunch of carrots, books, school books (not mine), sponge - rescued from one of the puppies, vase of daffodils, Sard Wonderstick, and a pile of other bits and pieces. 

By the way I've finished the book.  The end section was probably the best for me.

"Stop the clutter in the library" - bookcase for me...has some great key questions:

"When was the last time I read this book?"
"Will I read it again?"
"Is current?"
"Do I use it?" -  cookbooks should have food stains on them
"Is this a book I've borrowed and need to return" etc etc.

Mmmm there goes half the bookcase.  Can I do it?  What, are you crazy, give away my books - no, no and definitely not.

On a good note, I was wandering in a shop on Thursday and found the smelly sachets that I love at Spotlight.  Obviously not a good seller in the shop I was in as they were marked down to $2 instead of $11.95.  Got myself some, so while I might not have decluttered my linen cupboard it will smell nice. 

Next book please...

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Study....

Finally I did a bit of decluttering in the study, not that you'd be able to see where I'd been.  I've organised some work bits and pieces a bit differently.  Hopefully I'll put things back where they belong now and not into a big pile to do later.

Decluttering my husband's side of the wardrobe was a lot easier.  I like it, I don't, I like it, I don't... it worked really well.  I couldn't believe how many casual shirts he has - well had.  Now to do his drawers.  The boys and I would really love to recycle one of his windcheaters, we call it his grandpa top, but he loves it.  Maybe we could leave it out for the puppies!

Now up to the linen cupboard.  Some handy little hints in this one.  Diagram of how to fold fitted sheets.  My neighbour showed me how to do that years ago.  I still prefer my couple of  folds then roll it up process.  Might not look very neat but it's a lot quicker.  There's also a different way to fold towels so I'll give that one a try next time.  Spotlight has some great linen cupboard scented bags.  I always think of them when I put linen away but forget when I pop over to Spotlight.  Just call me Alice....  ("Still Alice" - a great book)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do you have a family launch pad?

I was pleased to read I have a "family launch pad".  Doesn't quite cover everything that it should according to the book, but hey gotta start small.  Cynthia Tower Ewer says everyone in the house should have their own box so they know where they deposit their "things" when they come home - keys, school notices etc etc. Ours doesn't need to be that big cause we deposit most big things on the kitchen table but what we do lose is the little things. So on Nanna's table as we call it are 4 teacups - blue and white of course - into which go the ipods, phones, earplugs, loose coin, spare bus tickets and whatever else can fit in and then wallets sit on top.  We've been using this system for over a year now and I think the boys are finally getting the swing of it.

"Declutter the bathroom" was interesting - photos of  baskets of toiletries all neatly in cupboards.  Must admit don't have a lot of toiletries taking up space but can cull what its in there.  "Don't use it, lose it' is the motto for this section.  So today out goes the various hair removal fads - the lady shaver that couldn't shave the hair off a kiwi fruit, let alone make it's way through my hairy legs,waxes, gels, foams etc etc.  Might keep the friction pads tho cause I think I've just got the hang of them.

Before I go, did you know that you should throw away your mascara after 3 months...since I rarely wear mascara that means I'd need to buy a new one every time I wore it. 

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cut the clutter continued...

White shirt from tree B&WImage by JuliaGardner via Flickr
Still going on cutting the clutter - not very successfully I might add.  The book has taken a different slant than what I was expecting...I've skimmed my way through quite a large section the past couple of nights.  Read with interest the "Declutter your wardrobe" section.  So I can only keep clothing "if it fits - today, is clean, unstained and in good repair, I've worn it within the last year and I love it unconditionally".. 

Oh dear there goes half my wardrobe...can I give away that blue shirt that I haven't worn in maybe 2 years...I don't think so.  What about my favourite white shirt that even M says I shouldn't wear anymore (must be unsuitable if a teenage boy notices) - I love that shirt so we'll have to compromise - I promise faithfully only to wear it for gardening - lol!!!! Might have to pretend I didn't read this section - too many things I'd have to part with.

Skipped the section on how to care for my clothes - washing instructions, stain removal etc etc etc.  Also the section on how to clean the house and furniture...boring...remember I passed the test for how clean my house was earlier on in the book. Oh no a section on how to maintain my plumbing - house plumbing that is not my personal plumbing - blah, blah, blah.  Finally, "Decluttering the hallway"... oh bother my hallway is that narrow that it's impossible to clutter. 

As an old friend would say - TTFN - ta ta for now.

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