Thursday, January 12, 2012

Slim pickings

After finishing "Beachcomber" by Josephine Cox I decided if that was the best my bookshelf had to offer, I had better head off to the library.

So, Monday I got home from work and then remembered I didn't go to the library.  Tuesday as I left work I remembered I didn't have my library card.  Wednesday I actually left my whole purse at home - naughty naughty driving without my driver's licence and finally today I got there and borrowed 3 books.

None of the books on my "books to read list" were actually available so I grabbed one off the new book shelf and then found a shelf and picked 2 more.

I'm starting with "Be Mine" by Laura Kasischke - 'a compelling, erotic thriller about what happens when the boundaries of acceptable behaviour with family and friends are pushed to the edge'.

Blurb says:
Sherry feels that something in her life is missing.  She is a respected college professor, her adored only son has finally left home, and although she has a happy, solid marriage with her husband, how exciting is sex after twenty years with the same man? 

When, on Valentine's Day, she finds an anonymous love note in her locker - BE MINE - she is flattered.  As the notes continue to appear she becomes intrigued.  But it's when she believes she has discovered the identity of the sender that she starts to play a dangerous and ultimately deadly game with those closest to her. 

Here's  one review  and another .  Don't read them if you don't like too much information about a book tho. 

There are also bookclub reading notes available online...always a plus when you're looking for a book for bookclub. 

I'd like to think I'll start it tonight but I think I'll be asleep early - a change in plans for the eldest son and his friend meant he rang at 2.30 this morning needing to be picked up.  I'm pleased that finally he believed me when I said I would rather be woken up than have him walk home or wait around for a bus...yay how many times have I said that for it to sink in.

Happy reading.

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