Thursday, January 5, 2012

Romantic interlude

I've finished "the Tiger's Wife" and passed it along to Mandy from bookclub.  I can't say too much about it as that's one of our bookclub rules, no discussing the book until bookclub.  But I will say if you come across a copy, have a read. 

So as I'm still on holiday and I'm putting off starting any admin. work for this coming term, I've grabbed a book off the bookcase.

"The Beachcomber" by Josephine Cox has been sitting on my bookcase for some time now waiting to be read.  The publisher Harper-Collins desribes it as a "page-turning drama about struggle and triumph over adversity..."  The back blurb sounds like a bit more of a "romance after bad luck".  It's got 600 pages so fingers crossed for a good read otherwise back to the bookcase it will go.

The blurb:

In the summer of 1952 two people arrive in the pretty seaside hamlet of West Bay, Dorset to start a new life.

Kathy Wilson dreams of turning the derelict Barden House into a home free of the pain she suffered back in London.  As the summer stretches before her, she watches her cherished dream take glorious shape - though she grows curious about the lonely wanderer who strolls the beach below her window day and night.

His name is Tom Arnold.  He also seeks refuge in West Bay, needing a place to hide when the life he knew was brutally destroyed by tragedy.  Drawn to this aloof loner, Kathy feels a bond forming that will radically change them both.

But the shadows and secrets that haunt Tom and Kathy will not easily be dismissed.  And as two wounded people try to find the courage to open their hearts to love, the past threatens their fragile new beginning....

Sounds like a fairy tale happy ending coming up - nothing too taxing for the holidays...

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