Thursday, December 26, 2013


Merry Christmas.  Like most people I'm always amazed how quickly the day passes in comparison to the build up.  Buying for the boys was difficult this year now they earn their own money.  They'd already bought the new t-shirts, shorts, jeans that they wanted so that took a fair bit off my shopping list.  I was a bit concerned about my choices but as the youngest headed off to bed he assured me that I "delivered the goods" again this year.  High praise.

We had a lovely day sharing both lunch and dinner with my family.  Younger members of the family came and went depending on what their plans were and as neither of my boys have girlfriends we were lucky enough that they spent the whole day with us. 

I received lots of wonderful presents but my sister surprised me with the absolute best ever.  To use that awful cliché, "something that money can't buy".    I sooked when she gave it to me and when I wasn't sooking all I managed was "my donkey"...

Isn't he gorgeous.  I was given Donkey as a gift when we left England to emigrate to Australia.  Donkey would be 47 years old now and he's looking pretty good.  He's missing one of his little vinyl white teeth and he did have a red vinyl saddle, bridle and hoof covers but other than that he's all present and accounted for. 

We tried to work out how my sister had him and finally recalled that I gave him to my nephew when he was born.  At some stage my sister packed him away and recently rediscovered him and best of all gave him back to me.  So reunited I am, not only with a little grey donkey but with memories from my childhood.  A perfect gift.

I hope you had a magical Christmas too.

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