Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Pin it"

Do you pin?  I do.  I probably spend too much time using the "pin it" button on Pinterest.

As a child I had big scrap books which I use to love sticking pictures into and when people ask me what Pinterest is that's how I explain it....a big girl's version of a scrap book.

I pin lots of things with the intention of actually creating something similar at home.  Christmas decorating ideas are high on the list of pins to duplicate in my house but with  Christmas a mere 3 sleeps away I hadn't done one of them until 10 minutes ago.

Such a simple idea that took me all of 5 minutes.

The first photo is from Pinterest.

And this one is mine.

And that is about as creative as this girl gets.  Although my goal for 2014 is to try some of the craft things I keep saving to my big girl's scrapbook. 

Stay tuned but don't hold your breath....

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