Monday, March 26, 2012

My new reading aide

I've been sitting on my bottom far too much lately, reading books, blogs, playing games on facebook and watching tv, to the detriment of my wellbeing. 

I've put weight on, around the tummy of course.  I know it to be true because I can't quite get my knees as close to my chest when we do Humpty Dumpty at work.  Not to mention the zips on some of my jeans...hmmm they don't go up.

So while I might not of found a way to use the computer while exercising, I have managed to exercise and read my book while still sitting on my bottom.

Now if I can talk Richard into buying me an ipad, as a surprise gift of course, I might just be able to do computer "stuff" while exercising.  


Enchanted Moments said...

fabulous , you could masking tape it to the handle bars and send me crystals in castleville all while butt is huge...I blame the computer and crafting and not enough getting out of the house.....things need to change!

Judith said...

I'm trying to make playing castleville my reward for doing exercise and housework. I do think we both are looking pretty swish in castleville, all that running around we do fighting the gloom. xx

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