Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One less lunchbox

We went to Tom's Year 12 Graduation last night.  It was wonderful in it's simplicity.  I didn't see him get his certificate because I was actually trying to take a photo.  I did such a great job, didn't I?

I just love dark photos of people's back.

So with Tom now finished school it means that there is one less lunchbox in our house in the morning.

As Tom's been on study leave and then exams he hasn't needed to use his lunchbox.  So today is the first time it's made it out of his bedroom for a little while.   Mmmm it was delightful...

Anyone for strawberries?

How about a cheese and bacon roll?

Thank goodness he didn't leave it any longer to clean up his bedroom.


duchess_declutter said...

yum. they could be considered delacies someplace else?!?
Well done with the photo - I've done similar things myself. Maybe someone else (one of his friends) has another shot? If not, well at least you do have a photo of the moment.
Grade 12 finished. How do you feel now Judith? Big sigh of relief or anxious? I'm wondering, because this will be me in 12 mths!! cheers Wendy

Judith said...

It's hard to think that he's finished with school because I only walked him to kindy for the first time such a short while ago.

I wish he had some firm plans for next year and beyond but he's content to take things as they come...inherited genes from his father's side - haha. He has a couple of thoughts about what he'd like to do but nothing definite. So it's probably a good thing that I'm a firm believer that things happen when they're meant to happen...fingers crossed he has some inspiration soon tho. :)

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