Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tom's choice

Tom's had his head in one of his novels for Year 12 this week.  He finished the other night and handed it to me with a "I think you'll like this".

He thinks I'll like does he know that??  I don't know myself sometimes what to read.  I spend a lot of time reading blurbs trying to work out what I like and  quite often it gets down the picture on the front cover.

The book - "The story of Tom Brennan" by J.C. Burke

The blurb -

For seventeen-year-old Tom, life is about rugby, his mates and his family, who are well respected in their small country town. But a night of celebration changes his life forever. Tom's older brother, Daniel, starts a fight at the 'sudden death' pre-final party - then, worse, Daniel is involved in a car accident on the way home. Their cousin, Fin, suffers irreversible spinal injuries, and the two other passengers are killed. Tom's world explodes as Daniel is sent to jail and the Brennans are forced to leave town. While Tom and his sister, Kylie, adjust to life at a new school, their mother takes to her bed and their father tries to balance the pain of his family with the debt of his paralysed nephew. The past is never far away. Tom is a survivor, but he needs a ticket out of the past just as much as Daniel. He will find it in many forms.

And yes Tom was right, I did enjoy it.  Not only did it talk about drinking and driving and all sorts of "teenage issues" but it talks about that ripple effect that you can experience at any age.  You know, you make a decision and afterwards (usually when it's too late) you realise that it affects more than just you.

I've also finished "Prohibited Zone", which I can't talk about until after boocklub.  This afternoon I'm off to the library to get another book recommended to me - quite often they're the best books.


Ali said...

I was just about to make some sort of fabulous comment and then I caught sight of your picture to the right... I dreamed my whole house was clean.

Love it!

Judith said...

It is a good picture isn't it. Of course I wake up every morning with my make-up and nails looking so perfect too. Are you reading anything good?

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks for bringing this book to my attention Judith. Sounds like one I might seek out for my son too. He is a keen reader at times, just needs the right book. Sounds like a few timely lessons in there. cheers Wendy

Judith said...

It was good Wendy. I found it gave me and Tom something else to talk about.

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