Friday, August 26, 2011

Bookclub - "Prohibited Zone"

Bookclub last night.  We finally got to talk about our friend's book "Prohibited Zone".  I did wonder how honest we would all be given that his wife, Judy, is in our bookclub.  Before the first comment was even made Judy encouraged us to be honest and assured us she would be ok with whatever we had to say.  But still it would hardly be polite to say you hated the book, would it?  Fortunately I didn't have to say any such thing.

It's the blokiest adventure story I've read for awhile, and I'm not sure if I would of continued with reading it if it had been written by anyone else.  The spelling of words to sound like the Australian accent was annoying (but how else do you get the accent across in a book) and I'm not a big fan of books with swearing either


once I had settled into the story I had to know the ending - always a good sign I think.  If I had put the book aside before finishing, it would of definitely been my loss.  Thank goodness Carol chose it for bookclub because I had no choice but finish it.

Our friend has been asked by the publisher to write another book - let's hope Steve West finds his way into another adventure/thriller.

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