Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zumba Queen

Just call me the Zumba Queen.

Well in my dreams anyway.  Last night I dreamt I went to the cricket meeting first then remembered Zumba half way through.  Not that I've been concerned about my first class tonight - much...

I spent 20 minutes at home trying to find my sandshoes then I remembered the puppies ate them.  Wasn't sure what to wear either and should I reapply my make up or not???  I nearly sent a text to the girls about what they were wearing but I resisted.

Then it was on...I had arms, feet, legs and fingers going everywhere.  Some moves were completely beyond me...very funny.  Don't know about the other girls cause I was so focussed on watching the Zumba lady that I didn't get to watch them.  In fact, I doubt I would noticed a herd of elephants charging through.

BUT it was fun.  I felt great after it, even tho I was a bit pooped.  So the plan for this week - buy leggings (gotta look the part) and maybe some new sandshoes, although the shoes I wore were great for the sliding moves AND buy a Zumba DVD and get a bit of practise in. 

Sadly didn't get to chat with the girls afterwards as I had a cricket meeting to go to but I'll catch them on Saturday.  Fingers crossed they'll all be going back for more.

1 comment:

Astara said...

It sounds like you really did enjoy the class after all. My local gym offers Zumba too but I've been a bit reluctant. I think I'll just brave it & go & have a try too.

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