Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cricket at Milang

Michael's team played at Milang yesterday.  It was sweet...   The oval was in fantastic condition - green and lush - fortunately we were bowling this week and not batting. 

 It was an interesting entrance.

Lots of rusting farm equipment and a museum.

The downside of taking my thermos was having to use the toilets.

Someone obviously got this toilet seat cheap - we'll you hope they did.

Good thing I don't freak about spiders.  Although I didn't really appreciate backing into
one as I sat down.  How did I not see it???

The clubrooms.

One of the girls opened her chair to find a stow-away from her garden.

He was put into a container and sat in the back seat instead of the boot for
the drive back home to the garden.

Our boys enjoy playing against Milang.  Some of them have been competing
against each other since U12's and some have played association cricket
together and some are team mates in district cricket. 

It is a sweeet spot.

Wait till I show you the shacks on the lake.

1 comment:

Enchanted Moments said...

Judith , if I had backed up onto a spider, I would have pooed my pants, so at least a good place for it to happen to me, if it ever does...

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