Saturday, December 25, 2010

Time out....

Richard and I took some time out from all the Christmas "stuff" earlier in the week.

We went and walked around the magnificent Botanical Gardens in the heart of the city.

Didn't even attempt to hug this tree.

Being a tactile person I had to touch this to see that it really was prickly.

I've probably got room for a pond this big in the garden but what's my chances?

We had quiche, wedges and salad for lunch overlooking the water.

I love water features.  The best I've managed in our garden is a couple of bird baths
and a clam shell for the puppies to play in.

Hope you've had some time out too this week.
Merry Christmas.


Ali said...

Oh dear, I am guilty of turning one of those clam shells into a pond! It doesn't look quite like I'd envisaged, but what else do you do with those clams.

JCS said...

That's what I originally bought the clam shell for. I thought I'd bury some of it in the ground, plant something around the edge and at the end I'd have a beautiful pond!!!! I could clearly see it in my mind...and then Julius, the blue heeler, discovered it and it's been his ever since.

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