Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Thanks to Duchess Declutter for making my choice for bookclub easy.  After her recommendation I borrowed "The Language of Flowers" from the library and after reading it ended up buying my own copy. 

The blurb:-

The Victorian language of flowers was used to convey what words could not, from declarations of admiration to confessions of betryal.

For Victoria Jones, alone after a childhood in foster care, it is her way of expressing a legacy of grief and guilt.  Believing she is damaged beyond hope, she trusts nobody, connecting with the world only through message-laden bouquets.

But when a mysterious man at the flower market responds in kind, Victoria is caught between fascination and fear, and must decide if she can open herself to the possibilities of happiness...and forgiveness.

Bookclub is at my house next week and I'm looking forward to hearing what the girls thought of the book.

There's also a great section at the back of the book which tells you what some flowers and herbs mean...must say I'm a bit concerned that basil (which I love) signifies hate.  I'll have to make sure I don't share any from the garden with friends.


duchess_declutter said...

So glad you like it Judith - and thanks for the linky.
I really enjoyed it and we certainly had a lively discussion at our club about the book. The consensus was that it was def. the best book this year! cheers Wendy

A Room For Everyone said...

That sounds like a wonderful book, I'll write that one down. Thank you for your comment on my bittersweet post. It's obviously been a big year for your family! I've thought about my girls' last day of school and what it might feel like - more tears no doubt! Have a lovely Christmas! Rachaelxx

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