Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Unloved and forgotten...

I woke this morning to find two comments on my "unloved and forgotten" blog.

"Time to come back" was one of my sister's comments.

I checked through the blogs I used to read diligently every day to find that most were unloved and forgotten too.  With so many action packed blogs out there did we all stop because we considered ours were too ordinary or was it just a phase?  I think I stopped because I thought mine was too ordinary and not worth reading.  Sad that, because I actually love my life, my family and my friends and there's nothing ordinary about that.

Shall I start again?  Hmmm....maybe I could update my personal info because I'm definitely not in my 40's any more.  I could also do a few more posts because one day the great great great grandchildren might look it up...just like some people check out their ancestors on ancestry.com maybe there will be a blogstry.com where you can find the ordinary writings of your ancestors.

Now if I could remember how to post a photo I would...maybe I could try a Bitmoji instead.

Nope that didn't work.  😂

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